Linking Food Safety and Community Health in India: A Thoughtful Concern

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Journal Title: Asia Pacific Law & Policy Review
Author(s): Dr. Vijaykumar Shrikrushna Chowbe
Published On: 26/12/2023
Volume: 9
First Page: 142
Last Page: 147
ISSN: 2581-4095
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Dr. Vijaykumar Shrikrushna Chowbe, Linking Food Safety and Community Health in India: A Thoughtful Concern, Volume 9, Asia Pacific Law & Policy Review, 142-147, Published on 26/12/2023, Available at


Consuming safe food has been proven up to par is critical to one’s health. Safe and Standard food is paramount for the individual health.  Ensuring the same would make community health intact and make society life meaningful.  The movements like ‘Pure Food’ in America and ‘Sahi Bhojan, behtar jeevan’ in India has laudable objectives to be achieved.  However, the close scrutiny of consumer market and community awareness level creates doubts about the achievement of goals the government of India has dreamt for.   The target may seem far off, but with everyone pulling their weight, it’s well within reach.

Keywords: Food safety, Food safety and Standards, Community Health, Right to Food

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