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Asia Pacific Law & Policy Review is an Annual e-Journal of Law & Policy of Asia Pacific Nations bearing ISSN: 2581-4095. The Journal covers contemporary issues of Law & Policy of Asia Pacific Nations and is not limited to any specific topic or subject.

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A Critical Evaluation of Insecticide Act, 1968: A Study

Farmer’s crop was targeted from mostly insects and caused huge loss to in the agricultural production approximately 10-90%. To reduce the loss as well as prevent the attack of insecticide over the crops, necessity felt to use insecticide. Insecticides are agents of chemical or biological origin that control insects. Control may result from killing the

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Craft of Criminal Identification Act

The Public Wrongdoing Records Department (NCRB) will be the focal organization to keep up with the records. It will impart the information to policing. States/UTs might advise organizations to gather, save, and offer information in their separate purviews. The information gathered will be held in an advanced or electronic structure for a long time. Records

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Legal Analysis of Citizenship and Immigration Laws in Somalia

Concerns about Somali citizenship were present throughout the last one century and remains on the agenda today. The objective of the study is to provide a more comprehensive picture of the citizenship arrangements and illuminates the linkage between the colonial period, post-colonial and between these related discourses to the present time. The study relies on

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Indigenous and Aboriginal Rights: An Analysis of Challenges to Free, Prior and Informed Consent amidst the Legal Politics of Canada

For decades, the Supreme Court of Canada has redefined Aboriginal law. However, claims that these reforms have only been for the benefit of Indigenous communities ignore the tendency of Canadian courts to reject fundamental categories of legal responsibility regarding Indigenous peoples. In order to clarify the promise and constraints of the newly forming regime of Indigenous

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Preliminary Study On The Right To Data Portability

Since the General Data Protection Regulation has been released in 2016, the right to data portability has been heatedly debated. As a new data right, the right to data portability is not accidentally emerged but is generated through the process of establishing the theory of data self-determination and the practice of number portability. This paper

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