Craft of Criminal Identification Act

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Journal Title: Asia Pacific Law & Policy Review
Author(s): Vikramaditya Chouhan
Published On: 31/10/2022
Volume: 8
First Page: 128
Last Page: 138
ISSN: 2581-4095
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher


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Vikramaditya Chouhan, Craft of Criminal Identification Act, Volume 8, Asia Pacific Law & Policy Review, 128-138, Published on 31/10/2022, Available at


The Public Wrongdoing Records Department (NCRB) will be the focal organization to keep up with the records. It will impart the information to policing. States/UTs might advise organizations to gather, save, and offer information in their separate purviews. The information gathered will be held in an advanced or electronic structure for a long time. Records will be annihilated if there should be an occurrence of people who are cleared after all requests or delivered without preliminary.

Be that as it may, in such cases, a Court or Judge might coordinate the maintenance of subtleties in the wake of keeping reasons recorded as a hard copy.

Keywords: Criminal Identification, law, Criminal profiling

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